Virtual Reality Gaming – The Oculus Rift


The Oculus Rift has been creating quite a stir especially as it will completely revolutionise the way we play games. Virtual reality games such as Valkyrie and Lucky’s tale will allow users to experience the real impact of the Coculus rift. Priced at £500, there is no doubting that it does not come cheap. Two other Reality headsets include the HTC Vive and the PlayStation VR both yet to have a release date announced

Virtual Reality still has many doubters in the gaming world and it will be an uphill battle to convince gamers that VR disserves the time, attention and premium price. The Oculus rift headset is comfortable wear with Oculus Touch adding a completely different dimension to the whole experience. The Oculus rift is released with an Xbox controller that can be used with all interactive games.

Other features include Motion blurring and judder being kept to a minimum especially during those long hours of gaming. The Oculus Rift also comes with Virtual surround headphones that are built in to the head set. With built in IR LEDS and motion control sensors allow head position to be tracked and send messages to the software on whether a user is sitting or standing.

The only negative feature at this point is that the Oculus is wired. A wireless model is still a long way off.

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