So You Want to Start a Casting Agency?


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a desire to make it big in the media and entertainment industry, a casting agency could be the perfect business idea for you. Casting agencies work with producers to find actors and extras for movies, TV shows, and even commercials. Your job will include working closely with your clients to find actors who fit the spec for upcoming roles. Here’s what you’ll need to do to secure future success as a casting agent.

#1. Gather Skills and Connections:

To be successful as a casting agent, you’ll need to have some strong connections within the industry, accompanied by a set of skills that include understanding acting roles and communicating with clients to make the right choice in auditions. It’s no surprise that casting agencies are often set up by past actors who fully understand the industry, but you don’t have to have played any roles yourself to be successful! Spend time expanding your industry network; you will likely rely on it to find work for your acting clients and build recommendations from movie and TV show producers.

#2. Consider a Partnership:

Making it in the world of casting can be difficult, particularly as there are already many large and small casting agencies, mainly located in cities. Unless you’ve found an area to set up in where you’re going to be the only competitor, it may be worth considering a partnership instead. A partnership can help you to build and expand your brand whilst giving you the means to learn valuable industry skills necessary for succeeding in this venture. If you’re struggling to find new clients, a partnership with an already established casting agency could be a kickstart.

#3. Set Up an Office:

A casting agency isn’t the type of business that you can run online. You’ll need to purchase or rent business premises that are large enough to accommodate your office, offices for your staff, and a reception space for your clients. You may also want to find somewhere large enough to hold auditions on the premises. Alternatively, you could run the business from home if you have suitable space to set up a business-like office.

#4. Advertise for Actors:

Even if you don’t have any acting jobs available immediately, you should start advertising for actors who can leave their information with you for alerts in the future. Advertise online using other casting sites and casting networks such as LA Casting com. You may also want to consider advertising offline, for example, in theatre or filmmaking newspapers or magazines. Take the time to go out and see shows to search for up-and-coming undiscovered talent.

#5. Find Jobs:

Finally, it’s time to do your main job as a casting agent – match actors up with the best roles for them. Get in touch with production and theatre companies for casting information, then inform any appropriate actors of the upcoming audition. You can also work directly with producers to find actors that fit a specific profile for an upcoming role.

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