What to Do if You Have Been a Victim of a Cyber Attack


One of the worst things that can happen in your business has officially happened, you have become a victim of a cyber-attack. What is next? Well, first and foremost, do not panic. It is time to get logical to mitigate the damage depending on the type of attack and focus on the steps you need to take to move forward and rectify the damage.

This piece will show you exactly how to do that.

Determine the Specific Threat and the Damage

The first thing you will want to do as soon as possible after a cyber-attack is to understand what type of attack has happened. There are many variants of cyber-attacks, such as malware, viruses, phishing emails, and ransomware, to name a few. Depending on what attack you are facing will determine how you need to contain it, as each of these attacks work in different ways and attack different parts of the computer or software. Not only that, but they also infect or affect different things.

Contain the Threat

The next step is to contain the threat as soon as you can. It might be tempting to wipe everything in a blind panic, but it is best to hold on to all data possible. This is because this data can be used as evidence and could be a ticket to understanding what might have caused the attack and any other important details such as who or what was responsible for it.

That being said, there are some actions you can take immediately to slow down the damage.

These include:

  • Disconnecting your internet
  • Removing any remote access
  • Change all passwords to something secure, but prioritize those that are affected
  • Install or update all anti-virus and anti-malware software or patches
  • Check your firewall settings

Assess the Breach

Assessing the breach will be related to what you determined to have caused the threat and the damage. It could also be a much wider issue than your business, or just a sole attack. Those who are part of a much larger breach follow guidelines given by trusted sources and stay up to date with updates regarding the situation, so you know what to do next. Whatever has happened, it is important that you work out where the weak link was so that you can prevent it from happening again.  It is almost always worth getting in a specialist for this as they will be able to assess things at an expert level.

Get Protected

Professionals will also put solid provisions in place to help keep you safe from other further attacks. This will help you take the guesswork out of different viruses and malware, wondering what is sql injection or where your vulnerabilities are in the network.

Whatever the reason for the breach in your security, make sure you speak to a professional in the field to have all of your needs covered and have all updates and patches in place to prevent an attack from being successful again.


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