World’s fastest car to make debut in the UK


The wait was finally over as the anticipated announcement that will see the debut of the world’s fastest car was finally announced. The team behind the bloodhound supersonic car was confirmed as the 17th November at the Newquay Aerohub in Cornwall. This will be to limited speed of 200mph. None the less for those motor head junkies, this is still extremely fast and will be an eagley awaited debut. The bloodhound has been designed to eventually beat the world record land speed of 1000mph. The construction of the car is still in progress. The test will take place without the breaks or winglets having been fitted. The proper testing that will see the aim to surpass the world record of 1000mph will commence in South Africa during next summer. This is because optimal weather conditions will support the quest for the Bloodhound supersonic car to break current world record land speed. Andy Green who will pilot the car will be hoping that he puts his name the history books.


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